Therapeutic Service Notes

Therapeutic Service Notes - Oasis Software Solutions

Effective and meaningful documentation of our services is a key to successful reimbursement and ensuring the delivery of competent care.  

At Oasis, we provide a general platform for notes, but realize that different types of providers have different needs. An SCL Medicaid provider may have different needs than an outpatient occupational therapist.

We are able to expand upon our general template and individualize the therapy note for your particular needs. However, you also could use the Oasis system "as is" to successfully meet all of your documentation needs. The Oasis system allows for the development of individualized goals and objectives for each client.

It also includes ways for documenting goal attainment. Oasis cares about therapy notes and documentation because successful documentation prevents billing recoupments. The Oasis EMR integrates care and provides your organization with the ability to provide a more comprehensive and effective care plan communicated across all members of the interdisciplinary team.