Software Features

Client Records

Managing Client Documentation is key to successful patient care.

Access all of your patient records from a single software system. Accuracy, Reliability, Security.

Staff Records & Training

Maintaining accurate and reliable staff records is the primary goal for Oasis Technologies Group

Therapeutic Service Notes

Therapeutic Service Notes on your clients, data retrieval for any patient data

Automated Billing

Automate your daily, weekly, or monthly billing with Medicaid, Medicare, and Insurance companies. Online Claims Management.

  Cloud Based EHR

Electronic Health Records - sharable, real-time, patient-centered records, including medical history, diagnoses, medications, treatment plans, allergies with an emphasis on care provider managment. Enables the Health Care Team approach to patient care.

  Manage Your Practice

Handle every aspect of your business: Medical Records Management, State Regulatory Compliance, Staff Schedules, HR, Payroll, Health Care Team collaboration, Onboarding Clients and Personnel, Auditing, Task and Calendaring, Automated Billing.

  HIPAA Compliant

Share and view only what a provider or health care team member needs to see. Role based management of user access, Caseload based management of patient data.

  Electronic Health Portal

Centralized Health Care records for the entire Health Care Team. Access all records. Ready Only Access for the patient, legal guardians, case managers, and auditors.

  Progress Notes

Track patient encounters, document on treatment plans, and score their objectives. Embed Forms, set deadlines, restrict by allowable units, single or double approvals, workflow setup. Hundreds of configurable options to build the perfect progress notes form.

  Document Management

Uploaded your entire paper binder system, identify the documents, assigned due dates, and manage compliance alerts

  Dashboard Monitoring

Monitor Alerts, Compliance Requirements, Tasks, Workflows, Authorizations, Medications, and more. Get Text or Email Alerts.

  Treatment Plans

Manage the care of a patient using targeted treatment plans, effective date filtering, and outcome-based assessments.

  Funding Sources

Configure a patient for any type of payor model: Waivers, Private Pay, Commercial Insurance, MCOs, Medicaid, Medicare.

  MARs and Pharmacy

Complete Medication Administration Record and Pharmaceutical Integration: Medication History, E-Scripts, and EPCS. Manage Allergies, Diet Restrictions, Vitals and Constraints, Schedules, and Controlled Substance Inventory.

  Utilization Management

Ensure you never exceed your allowable allotment for authorized services. Identify unused service allowances, maximize HR scheduling, and evaluate best use of provider resources.

  Automated Billing

Integrate with any Revenue Cycle Management company. Supports industry standard EDI formats such as 837P and 835 RA.

  Manage CPT Codes

Configure all of your Procedure Codes and Modifiers. Create Service Bundles. Covers all Intellectual and Development Disability CPT Codes nationwide.

  Manage Providers

Restrict Users to Caseloads, Services, Forms, and Documentation. Build your Health Care Team. Train and Educate.


Handles all Sandata and Netsmart state billing aggregators. Single integrated EHR and EVV system to manage your billing and provider resources. Meets Cures Act federal requirements.

  Clinical Scheduling

Build and Manage Provider Clinical Schedules, create Patient Appointment Scheduling. Generate Notes directly from your schedule.

  Day Programs

Manage daily Adult Day Trainig, Day Training, Adult Day Health Centers through simplified kiosk-based forms. Check patients IN and OUT of your facilities with ease.

  Residential Programs

Apply special features to manage Residential Services, Staff Residences, Foster Home Care, Homemaker.


Administer intake and assessments of new patients or Qualify your job applicants. Send out forms for population before appointments and interviews.


Pre-defined and Custom Reports for evaludation and analysis on nearly every form. Export any data results grid with custom defined associated data.

  Visual Charts

Chart your vitals, medications, incidents, goals, and progress notes. Visualize your data. Pattern Recognition and Data Analytics

  Price Schedule

Oasis Implementation and Monthly Subscriptions pricing is based on the number of active monthly users. You do not get penalized for your efficient optimazation efforts.

  Oasis Implementation

4-Step Phase Implementation: Input or Upload Patient and Personnel Data, Configure Payor Sources, Input Treatment Plans, and Define the Clinical Workflow. See our Rules of Engagement. We are serious about a collaborative process for business process improvement.

  Special Training

MARs, Billing, and EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) receives special attention with focused training.

  Technical Support

Technical Support is integrated directly into the system. Make feature requests and get assistance with troubleshooting.

  Provider Software

Oasis uses an enhanced agile approach to product development and release. You build the product you want through feature requests and collaboration with Oasis.