Software Features

Client Records

Managing Client Documentation is key to successful patient care.

Access all of your patient records from a single software system. Accuracy, Reliability, Security.

Staff Records & Training

Maintaining accurate and reliable staff records is the primary goal for Oasis Technologies Group

Therapy Notes

Therapy Notes on your clients, data retrieval for any patient data

Automated Billing

Automate your daily, weekly, or monthly billing with Medicaid, Medicare, and Insurance companies. Online Claims Management.

Oasis Software Features

Oasis Practice Management System is rich with features to enable time-saving tasks.

Day Programs

For day programs, clients are clocked in and out to track time and attendance. This time data is linked directly to your billing report.

Searchable Client Records

Client records are searchable and printable in a variety of reports.


Track goals for each service and create daily records, progress notes and monthly summaries.

Allowable Units

Track weekly and monthly allowable units for each service your agency provides.

Therapy Progress Notes

Therapy progress notes are created online and accessible on any device with internet connection. The times indicated on the therapy progress notes automatically generate timesheets for your therapists and also feed into your billing report.

Electronic Signature

Each user creates a password for logging into the system and entries are stamped with the user’s name and/or electronic signature.

Strict Access Permissions

Access to data within OASIS is controlled by well-defined user roles and access levels, login passwords, stringent user authentication and user inactivity locks.

Automated Billing

With the addition of the automated billing app, your agency’s claims are electronically submitted to Medicaid or other entities for payment. An Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is available through OASIS within 24 hours of submission of claims.

Auditor Role

Grants Access to a third party Auditor or internal audit team with Read Only Access.  Auditors can view all data within the system while ensuring no data can be edited or exported from the system.


Client and personnel documents can be assigned an expiration date and OASIS will alert the appropriate administrative staff when these items are due to expire.

Daily Backups

Your data is backed up daily with options to backup data off-site or to your local servers.  A Daily Backup Plan can be defined to suit your needs.