Steps To Implement Oasis Bridge Software System

Steps To Implement Oasis Bridge Software System - Oasis Software Solutions







Signing or completing the following documents:

Oasis Software Licensing Agreement

Service Level Agreement

Business Associate Agreement

Pre-Authorized Debit form for Monthly Subscription Fee

Company Profile Information Form


If applicable:

Complete the EDI Enrollment Forms for Automated Billing

Any of our agreements can be customized to suit your business needs.


Technical Aspects of Implementation

Oasis Bridge functions entirely over the internet through a web based software application hosted on a cloud computing platform.  The only requirement is a browser and internet connection.  Oasis recommends the latest version of any of the following browsers:


Internet Explorer




We recommend an automated import for the following data:

Names and Contact information for:

Staff, Therapists, Contractors, Customers, and any related customer information.  

Waiver Rates for Each Customer 

Pre-Authorization Information - Medicaid #, Diagnosis Codes, etc

** Automated imports will require you to format your data according to a specific layout that we provide to you.  



You will receive training on all aspects of the system.  We recommend scheduling separate training sessions for staff and professionals, 4 hours each. You may use your own devices during the training classes.  The software runs on all device platforms including smartphones, tablets, and PCs. For the best user experience, please use tablets or PCs.