SCL Providers

SCL Providers

 What issues do providers face when keeping paper records?

  • Inaccuracies
  • Missed billing
  • No real-time controls for documenting services provided
  • Countless hours spent auditing and reconciling timesheets, progress notes and billing logs
  • Missing and misfiled records


Why automate your billing process?

  • Difficult to spot erroneous, duplicate or missed billing
  • Time consuming data entry…which includes human error
  • Paper work is overwhelming
  • Many providers have had to repay due to billing errors or missing documentation
  • Track employee and participant records and maintain those records according to state regulations
  • Providers spend hours trying to make sense of it all


What does Oasis do?

  • Track PA units and expiration dates electronically in real-time
  • Electronically check participants in and out of your ADT
  • Generate billing reports for any date range, any service type and any participant
  • SE Specialists, therapists and clinicians can only enter progress notes based on the availability of remaining units and the availability of a PA. If no units remain for that period or a PA has expired, a progress note cannot be entered
  • Services are added to your billing report only when the staff has completed a progress note
  • Quickly see billable units per staff member based on the progress notes they have completed
  • Self-auditing systems ensure billable units are available and required documentation always has matching dates and times
  • Receive daily alerts regarding expiration dates for your PAs, your personnel and participant checklist items, and any other information you choose to track
  • Begin your transition to Electronic Health Records (EHR/EMR). Upload POC documents, PIF’s and consents to your own online database using Oasis and allow access to designated users


Oasis allows you to use technology to simplify the labor-intensive record keeping that is required by Medicaid and Kentucky DBHDID. Our software is fully customizable to your specific needs while maximizing the utilization of your staff’s time, talent and energies. We know your time and money is best spent caring for the individuals you serve.


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